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Blenheim Walking Tracks

Rotary Lookout in the Wither Hills [25min, 1km - one way]

This is a great track for people that don’t want to walk too far for too long and still want to enjoy a stunning view over Blenheim and its surrounding vineyards.

Grovetown Lagoon [55min, 3.8km – loop]

This is an easy walking track around the lagoon. This track has been recently completed and there is also a bird hide along the track to get close to the birdlife.

Wairau Lagoon Walkway [8km, 3hrs – loop]

This is a nice and flat track that follows the lagoon shoreline. There is plenty of birds to be spotted along the way. If you are lucky enough you get a rare glimpse of a spoonbill or a white heron. Make sure to carry enough sun cream with you, as there is no shelter along the way.

Mt. Vernon Track [4.7km, 2-3hrs return]

This s a steeper Track up the Wither Hills (advanced to the Rotary Lookout), but you get much more of a view. The view includes Blenheim, Wairau Valley, Cloudy Bay and the Richmond Range.

Black Jack Track [2.7km, 1.5hrs – loop]

This is a stunning walk up from Whites Bay with views over Port Underwood. It is well worth the short climb – there is also a picnic bench at the top for a well-deserved break.

Monkey Bay Walk [20min return]

This walk goes up some rock formations and around it. On the other end you get rewarded by a beautiful and secluded beach. There are also some caves at the start of the track. If you don’t like long walks, then this is for you!

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